NLPOA Endorsement

More than ever before, Law Enforcement officers find themselves dealing with diverse communities which include significant sections of the population which have limited English language skills. Effective communication skills and cultural awareness of these communities are critical to effectively managing situations and reducing risks to officers. Bilingual officers are often called upon to assist in these types of situations.

The United States has the fifth-largest Spanish speaking population in the world. Over 30 Million Americans speak Spanish as a first or second language, easily making Spanish the second most spoken language.

The National Latino Peace Officers Association has reviewed and endorsed the self study programs "Tactical Spanish for Law Enforcement Officers" and "Tactical Spanish Slang and Profanities". In addition, the NLPOA has reviewed and endorsed the "Instructor Guide"  which enables a bilingual officer to lead a classroom based training course using the self study programs. This approach provides more structure than the self study guide alone and equips students with a flexible learning tool to use in their spare time. This approach was developed by Public Safety Language Training which has developed several self study programs. Public Safety Language Training will certify you to teach the course.

Bilingual officers are uniquely qualified to champion this effort and help our colleagues educate themselves and in turn provide a valuable service to the communities we serve. I applaud you for your efforts in better serving your community.


Roy Garivey

National President
National Latino Peace Officers Association

June 2008



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