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Brothers and Sisters,

In the increasingly diverse communities we serve as Firefighters and Emergency Responders much of the population have limited English language skills. Over 30 million Americans, roughly 12% of the population, speak Spanish as a first or second language making Spanish easily the country's second most spoken language; the United States thus has the fifth largest Spanish speaking population in the world; after Mexico, Spain, Colombia and Argentina.

The National Association of Hispanic Firefighters has reviewed and endorsed Tactical Spanish for Firefighters/ EMS Personnel. We believe that your completion of this course will significantly enhance your ability to serve your community more safely and effectively.

You'll be able to communicate adequately in Spanish in real life Firefighter/ EMS scenarios including performing medical examinations, firefighting, prevention and fire safety etc. Thank you for your efforts to better serve your community.

Alberto Olmos

National Association of Hispanic Firefighters

February 16th, 2007

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