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Teach Spanish for Correctional Officers
Instructor Guide

PSLT now offers an Instructor Guide to enable a bilingual person to teach "Spanish for Correctional Officers" as an instructor-led course.

No previous teaching experience required.

Price: $700 includes one copy of the student materials ("Tactical Spanish for Correctional Officers" and "Tactical Spanish Slang and Profanities" - classic format) and access to PowerPoint presentations and PSLT certification to teach the course.

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Instructor Guide

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Some agencies prefer a more structured approach than self-study alone and so PSLT has developed and delivered instructor led courses where students each use the self-study courses Tactical Spanish for Correctional Officers and Tactical Spanish Slang and Profanities to support the instructor-led sessions, for homework assignments and as a refresher when the instructor-led sessions are complete.

The Instructor Guide was developed based on our experience teaching over 800 Police Officers and Public Safety personnel in the San Francisco Bay area. It enables a bilingual person to teach "Spanish for Firefighters and EMS" as an instructor-led course. It includes the same training techniques and materials we use and includes sample class schedules, homework assignments, guidance on evaluating students' mastery of the materials and access to the downloads section of our web site where you can find the same PowerPoint presentations we use for each unit of the course. PSLT will certify you to teach this course and assist you to tailor the course schedule to best suit your attendees' needs.

You can help your agency become self-sufficient in Spanish language training.

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