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Spanish for Firefighters and EMS

Session 5 - Medical Examination/ Abdominal Disorder



Medical Terms
Medical conditions
Body Parts
Words related to Abdominal Disorder


Flash cards of verbs in Formal, Informal Spanish and 1st & 3rd. person
Flash cards of key words for each topic


Medical terms, Medical conditions, Diseases

Teach key words first. Have your students practice the key words by asking questions in Formal and Informal Spanish, raising the hand above the head to indicate that they are talking to an adult; lowering the hand below the waist  to indicate they are talking to a child.

Body Parts

Teach body parts from top to bottom, starting with body parts that end in “a”.
Review : la, mi, tu, su
Teach body parts from top to bottom, that end in “o”
Review: el,  mi, tu, su
Teach body parts in the plural
Review: las, los, mis, tus, sus
For fun: teach body parts involved using the song  “La Macarena”

Medical Examination

To make it simple, tell your students that you’ll focus this time in the Formal Spanish. Have your students repeat the phrases or questions using the 3 titles:Señor, Señora and Señorita.
Then present the Informal Spanish and encourage the students to use it with each other and make sure they respond with complete phrases: Me duele, me caí, me lastimé, Yo tomo, etc.

Describing Medical problems: Mention to your students that is common for people to express pain in these 2 ways: Me duele …../ Tengo dolor en ….

Explain the difference in use between:  SER and ESTAR  (permanent & temporary). Remind them that the Formal Spanish phrases and questions can also be used to talk about a third person: Le duele a él?   Le duele a ella …? Cómo se lastimó el niño?


Santitos – First 10 or 15 minutes
El Crimen del padre Amaro – first 10 or 15 minutes

Colloquial Expressions

Está malo / mala
Panza, Panzón, panzona, barrigón
De pies a cabeza/ Ojo morado/ moretón or morete/ Juan es muy “codo”/ un ojo de la cara


Listen to the Audio Unit 7-Medical Examination
Exercise Section: Complete exercises # 28-33

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Listen to the Audio Unit 8-Abdominal Disorder
Exercise Section: Complete exercise # 34

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