Tactical Spanish Slang & Profanities

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Unit 5 Sex

1. Agarrar Fondle, grab
Ex:  Me quiso agarrar Tried to fondle me
2.  Coger Fuck, to have sexual intercourse
Ex:  Quiere cogerse a tu amiga Wants to fuck your friend
3.  Chupar    Suck
Ex:  Chúpame  Suck me off

The following words are related to body parts; some are acceptable and others are definitely obscene. Remember that they also change meaning in different countries and can make your speech acceptable or crude.
4. Pajarito (literally ”little bird”) Used for penis – it’s OK to use it with children

The following words are extremely crude and vulgar:
5. Pito (literally “whistle”) Cock
6. Verga (literally ship’s yard arm) Cock, dick
Ex:  Chúpame la verga Suck my dick

The next word is totally acceptable and it’s ok to use it with children, when you are talking about a vagina:
7. Colita (literally “little tail”) 
Ex:  Te tocó tu colita? Did he touch your vagina?

The following words are extremely crude and vulgar and they all mean : pussy
8. Panocha (literally “brown sugar, used mostly in Mexico) 
9. Concha (literally “shell”, used mostly in South America)
10. Coño (used mostly in Spain)

The following word is totally acceptable and it’s ok to use it with children
11. Pechitos Breasts/ boobies
Ex:  Te tocó los pechitos? Did he touch your boobies?

All the following words refer to “tits”
12. Chicharrones (literally “pork rinds”)
13. Pechuga/ pechugas (literally “chicken breast”)
Ex: Tiene buenas pechugas Has good breasts

And finally the vulgar and crude words, that are used for breasts:
14. Tetas  
Ex:  Me agarró las tetas He grabbed my breasts
15. Chichis  Another vulgar word for “breasts”
Ex:  Me agarró las chichis He grabbed my breasts

The following words describe: the rear end or the behind, and all of them are acceptable to be used with adults or children:
16. Pompis  
17. Pompas  
18. Nachas Please don’t confuse this word with the Mexican appetizer “Nachos” – tortilla chips with melted cheese and jalapeños
19. Asentaderas  
20. Trasero  

And finally two words considered crude and vulgar:
21. Nalgas Butt/ Buttocks
22. Culo Ass
The word “nalgas” is considered crude but in fact it is the correct word that you will see in medical books.

Now let’s learn a colloquial word that is used to describe someone who is naked.
23. Encuerado/ encuerada Naked
Ex:  Anda encuerado He is naked
Ex:  Le gustan las mujeres encueradas He likes naked women

The following words are used for “testicles”:
24. Pelotas/ bolas (literally “balls”, and both commonly used in Central and South America)
25. Huevos (literally “eggs”) and it’s used mostly in Mexico
26. Cojones (used in Spain and Caribbean countries)
The following examples, include the previous words but the meaning of the phrase is totally different:
Ex:  Anda en pelotas  He is naked
Ex: No tiene huevos  Doesn’t have the guts

This is the end of Unit 5.

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