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Spanish for Law Enforcement Officers

Session 5 – Traffic Stop


To be able to ask basic questions during a routine traffic stop.


Commands and Questions
Basic verbs for Traffic Stop


Flash cards (8x11) of commands, verbs for Traffic Stop
Pictures of a traffic signal showing a red light, no “u turn”, “no left turn” , a speed limit sign, a stop sign.
Cover a flashlight with red wrapping paper as your “Traffic light”


Present basic Traffic vocabulary
Start with one word : luz – make sure you show your “Traffic light”
Then two words: for example: luz roja, vuelta illegal,
Then three words: vuelta en u
Then four words or more: una vuelta en u, una vuelta illegal, a 80 millas por hora, etc.

Using your hands to communicate, present commands and verbs in Formal Spanish
Have the students add the correct title: Seňor, Espere; Seňora Espere; Seňorita, Espere

Have the students add some extra words: Espere en el carro por favor

Present commands and verbs in Informal Spanish which will be used with teenagers (15 to 21 years old)


Amores Perrros – section: Driver speeding and running a red light

Colloquial Expressions

Semáforo – Traffic light


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Listen to CD # 1 – 5. Conducting a routine traffic stop
Read the Transcript Section - Unit 5
Exercise Section - Complete exercises # 6, 10, 11, 54

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