Cross-cultural Communication & Diversity

This course is CA P.O.S.T. plan III certified and incorporates the Perishable Skills requirement of Tactical Communication and also satisfies the update requirements for Racial Profiling and Cultural Diversity training for AOT deliveries.

Using dual instructors this fast paced course uses a variety of highly interactive training approaches including group exercises, many video clips – some real-world and others humorous, experience sharing and personal stories. Spanish language tips are included and attendees are offered lunch of Latino dishes.

  • Enable officers to discuss/ discover causes of their own biases and civilians’ biases and how these may affect their interactions with the public
  • Review mandated requirements and local department policies re biased policing
  • Discuss the benefits/ importance of communication with the public, even when they don’t want to listen or you don’t speak their language
  • Review techniques that may be used to gain voluntary compliance and avoid arrest/ control

Delivered using an overall model of communications between an officer and civilian, officers learn:

  • Vocal & Body Language and how they differ between cultures
  • Detecting Lies
  • Gaining Trust
  • Overcoming Bias
  • Connecting with People/ Kids
  • Professional Services Delivery tips – little things make a big difference

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