About PSLT & Alejandra Gómez

Alejandra GomezIn 1990 Law Enforcement Language Training(LELT) was founded by Alejandra Gómez to provide cost effective and efficient Spanish language training to police departments in the San Francisco Bay area. As the effectiveness of these courses became recognized, requests from existing clients led to the development of similar courses for Correctional Officers and Firefighters/ EMS personnel. To better reflect this broader range of clients, products and services LELT changed it's name to Public Safety Language Training (PSLT) in 2007.

PSLT has developed and delivered specialized language courses that enable public safety personnel to become proficient in Spanish, be safer and more effectively serve the Hispanic community. Over 700 personnel have taken these instructor-led courses along with hundreds of officers in 49 states who have used the self-study courses individually.

Spanish language training is now offered by PSLT in a variety of ways:

  • Self-study programs which have been reviewed and endorsed by the National Latino Peace Officers Association, the National Association of Hispanic Firefighters and the Chicano Correctional Workers Association:
    • Tactical Spanish for Law Enforcement Officers developed from the popular classroom based training this self-study program includes a four hour audio program and a Workbook with exercises, answers, full transcript of the audio materials, extended police vocabulary, and a handy Quick Reference Handbook.
    • Tactical Spanish Slang and Profanities for those with some Spanish knowledge this unique course enables you to understand common slang and profanities that you are sure to hear daily on the streets. This self-study program includes a one hour audio program and Workbook with full transcript of the audio materials, exercises and answers.
    • Tactical Spanish for Correctional Officers includes a four hour audio program, Workbook with a full transcript of the audio materials, exercises, answers and extended vocabulary, and a handy Quick Reference Handbook.
    • Tactical Spanish for Firefighters and EMS includes a three hour audio program, a Workbook with full transcript of the audio materials, exercises, answers and extended vocabulary along with a handy pocket-sized Quick Reference Handbook.
  • Instructor-led training where groups of 8 - 20 officers interact with the instructor and each other in "real-life" situations. The relevant self-study courses are used as a basis for these classroom sessions, for homework assignments and are retained by students for use as a "refresher" after the classroom course is completed. These courses are typically held at the agency location at hours convenient for the personnel and usually in 3-4 hour sessions. Our 24-hour "Spanish for Law Enforcement Officers" is California P.O.S.T. certified.
  • Train the Trainer courses are available for bi-lingual Law Enforcement, Firefighter/ EMS and Correctional Officers. We'll teach you the same techniques we developed and use and will certify you to teach our Instructor-led courses. We provide sample schedules and the same PowerPoint presentations we use.

PSLT also offers translation services and Spanish language skills evaluations.


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